Users probably need to rename multiple files for some reasons from time to time. The conventional way of renaming multiple files one by one can be quite a painful experience and consume a lot of time especially when you’re liaising with thousands and thousands of files. Panda Batch File Renamer is a multiple file renaming application that can help users to change the names of multiple files in one go with just a few clicks.

Panda Batch File Renamer is a free portable Windows utility that can be run from any removable device without having to install it in the machine. This portable application needs Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and it is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit. This portable utility features an intuitive interface where users can see the changes immediately on the screen. The interface shows users the current file names and the renamed file names side-by-side on the screen so that it is convenient for users to compare and verify. It also offers users multiple renaming options to customize their renaming parameter. Multiple renaming options can be queued up to make very detailed changes to file names if required. The history of changes will be stored and users can trace back or undo th changes if the renaming exercise encounters problems or makes a mistake. Users can save the renaming options so that they do not have to repeatedly recreate them.

Renaming applications such as Panda Batch File Renamer can be quite useful for users such as photographers who need to do a lot of renaming to arrange their image database. This interesting program can be downloaded from animal-software.