Ever had moments when you get an inspiration while lying down? Jumping up to scribble down the thought may just lose the idea for you. Or saw an ad on TV and want to write down the name or telephone number? The most convenient writing pad at hand may just be… the post-it pillow. More usefully perhaps, you can pen your message of love on the pillow and present it to your loved one as a gift. Or scribble down your dream when you’re half-awake and have it interpreted by the psychologist the next day.

The Post My Pillow by Veinticuatrodientes comes with a specially designed pen and you can erase your message and use it again and again. Just remove the pillowcase and wash it with soap and water when you want to erase the message. The square pillow or cushion measures 13.7 x 13.7 inch / 35 x 35 cm. For about $22, Post My Pillow could be a novelty item and a conversation piece in your living room.