Wikipedia is well known as a free multilingual encyclopedia hosted by non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. Although there are lot of information contained in this website, but searching for the information accurately within a short period of time could be a challenge. Now with the powerful search service provided by Powerset, you can obtain the information you want in a much more efficient and systematic way.

Powerset is designed to only search for information within Wikipedia. Enter the keyword in the search text box will return you the list of summary results with more structural view so that you can identify the information that you are looking for faster than usual. If you are searching for a people, example Obama, the introduction of Obama such as date of birth, place of birth, nationality spouse, profession and etc will be displayed. This piece of summary information may fulfill your need without you to spend time to read through the whole article.


In order to let you search for the information more effectively, the summary of factz related to Obama across Wikipedia are displayed as well so that articles are grouped systematically to ease for finding.


If you don’t like to search for the information by using the factz displayed, you can look for summarizes pages instead. One great feature about the summarizes pages is it has offered a miniviewer tool, which allows you view the article content through a small window pop up instead of going directly into the article website. To launch the miniviewer, just click on the arrow powerset-arrow as located at the left of the article title. The miniviewer tool provides you the quick link for each of subtitle within the article so that you can preview the subtitle and jump directly to the paragraph as you prefer.


With the enhanced and powerful search features as mentioned above, Powerset is definitely a great search tool for Wikipedia. If you would like to enjoy the full features offered by Powerset such as miniviewer tool, it is recommended to upgrade your web browser to the latest version like IE7, Firefox 3.x, Safari 3.1 or Opera 9.6.