Windows System has some power saving features that allows users to configure them either to be in full horse power or in power saving mode depending on situation. Typically during office hour you are looking for a system that can run in full speed for more optimum performance but when reaching home at night, you may want to give your computer some rest by setting it to energy saving mode. Instead of manually configuring it, why not just set the profile so that it can switch by itself within a predefined time frame. Now with the simple solution named as PowerSlave, it allows users to configure the power scheme profiles switching automatically without the need of users’ intervention.


Once install and launch the utility, it will bring you to a simple interface. Without the need to go through complicated setup, users just need to select the Day time and Night time plan accordingly. For instance, you can put in ‘High Performance’ and ‘Power Saver’ plan for day and night time respectively. Once completed, just key in the ‘Start Time’ and ‘End Time’ for the plan followed by ‘Apply’ button and you are ready to go.

If you think this is useful, just get a free download here for personal use and have a peace of mind with programmable power scheme switching for more effective work besides able to conserve energy towards greener environment.