MyGallonsAre you betting that price for oil will continue to go up? Since last few years, the price for a barrel of oil is breaking new records non-stop, and is expected to break $150 a barrel or even $200 soon. When the sky-high price is reached, just image the price at the pump for gas and diesel, which currently already costs more than $4 a gallon. If you’re believing that price will not only stay high, but will go higher in future, can mitigate some of the future price rise by allowing customers to buy future gasoline at today’s price, provided you pay now.

MyGallons allows drivers to pre-purchase gas to fix and lock in the price of petrol using MyGallons Card, a debit-like card which banks and counts gallons rather than dollars. Thus, in future, when drivers fill up car’s tank, the gallons pumped are indeed paid at today’s current price which drivers prepay for the gas, regardless of whether the pump price has increased or decreased.

Of course, MyGallons service is only worthwhile if the price of gasoline is continuing to rise, best if rapidly. It’s kind of stocks or futures in derivative market, you lose money if price heads south, but make money if price goes up. Luckily, MyGallons Card value won’t evaporate, as it won’t expire, and customer can terminate or drop out of the program and receive a refund of lesser of the current price or what they paid as a refund. There is also 100% Money Back Guarantee that if customers do not save money on at least one redemption throughout the subscription year, MyGallons will refund 100% of first year’s membership fee.

MyGallons has annual membership fee of $29.95 (enrolling in auto-refill program that auto top-up the card’s gallons when lesser than 15 gallons hit required) or for the manual refill program (top-up gallons manually, and will be charge $15 each time account goes overdraft). There is also $1.95 fee for processing the reload of your MyGallons Card when using a credit card to pre-purchase the fuel. Beside, conversion from the money paid to gallons entitled is calculated using regular unleaded gasoline price based on home location as the benchmark. If drivers pump premium gasoline, diesel or marine, or when tax rate changes, an adjustment is made for the extra cost, converted into gallons.

MyGallons Card is accepted at all gas stations accepting USBank’s Voyager cards, and that is over 95% of U.S gas stations, or over 200,000 filling stations. Some examples are Exxon (Esso), Citgo, Chevron, Mobil, Shell, Sinclair, BP, Valero, Texaco, Rotten Robbie, and USA Gasoline.

Other benefits of MyGallons are:

  • Manage all of your gas expenses through one card
  • Limit access of family members or employees to only fuel purchases
  • Higher gas prices only increase the amount you save
  • Easy, automated purchases of gasoline
  • Maximize your savings with MyGallons

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