F5 Function KeyYour Windows 7 desktop has getting messy with lots of shortcuts, icons, files, documents and applications scattering all over the place, at every corner of the desktop? If you plan to let Windows 7 to auto arrange these icons automatically, user can always right click on desktop, and then select “View” and opt to “Auto Arrange”.

A more simple trick to auto arrange the desktop in Windows 7 is by simply press and hold F5 function key for more than 1 second.

Normally, F5 is used to refresh the desktop, but if you press it slightly longer in Windows 7, the function key will rearrange the desktop automatically. So if you’re the one of the Windows users who have arranged icons nicely across the desktop manually, be extra careful when trying to refresh the desktop with F5. Else, you’ll be staring at the all new desktop design with icons on different position, wondering if some ghostly or malicious program infecting your computer.