How to access Windows Boot Manager? XP users should be quite familiar with the F8 key method. Pressing F8 during startup will direct users to the boot options. This access method is applicable to Windows Vista as well. Windows Vista or Server 2008 users can still hit F8 to access boot options. Apart from that, Windows Vista also allows users to access Windows Boot Manager by hitting the Space Bar.
Pressing space bar right after the BIOS screen and just before the Windows boot screen appears will lead users to Windows Boot Manager. Users can select which operating system to boot or hit F8 key for the normal recovery options. This technique also works well when user is booting Vista or Server 2008 setup disc. Hitting the Space Bar once when users are prompted with “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD” will also lead users to Windows Boot Manager.

This alternate option has now been included in Windows 7. Windows 7 allows users to hit the Space Bar after the BIOS screen to have instant access to Windows Boot Manager. If Windows 7 users hit F8 key during the startup, they will be directed to the recovery options. Pressing startup, will thence lead users to Windows Boot Manager. In Windows 7, users also can press F10 key to access the Edit Boot Parameters. Edit Boot Parameters is a temporary configuration to help users to manage boot settings.