inboxpreviewAfter logging into Gmail, you may notice that Gmail takes some times to load mails in inbox. The bigger the inbox is, the longer time you need to wait before it completed the loading process. Sometimes you may feel frustrated or disappointed when there is no new email after waiting for long time for the inbox to be loaded. To prevent you from waiting for nothing, Gmail lab has rolled out another new feature, named as Inbox Preview that allows you preview your inbox at first glance once you have login the account.

While Gmail is loading the inbox, Inbox Preview will display a static preview of your ten most recent emails so that you can have quick view and know immediately if you have any new emails reaching your mailbox. To enable this feature, go to Settings -> Labs, then look for Inbox Preview, click on Enable ratio button and save the setting. In order to enjoy this feature, you need to logout and login again. Definitely you will appreciate this great and simple feature especially when you are on slow connection or having a huge inbox.