If you are a 3G or 3G S user, you may realize that its battery life is not as perfect as the first generation 2G iPhone. Regardless if it was due to additional power hungry GPS module being integrated or if the battery pack was redesigned and shrunk for slimmer outlook, here is an alternative solution that you can help you extending its battery life for greater mobility. Named as Primo Micro battery pack, it is specifically designed to be used for iPhone and iPod as an external power source to prolong battery life without affecting its sleek and stylish outlook.


The Primo battery pack is small enough to be carried around conveniently but yet it is equipped with a 800mAH Lithium ion battery which is claimed to be able to supply an additional of 3 hours of talk time on both iPhone 3G and 3G S and an impressively 45 long hours of music playback on your iPod. Besides, it can be charged up using mini USB port by plugging into USB 2.0 host or 1.1 ports with battery charge LED indicators displayed on the device so that you are aware when it is full of charge and ready to be used.

Available in both white and black color to match iPhone colors, Primo battery pack will be available at $35 by November 23rd but for those that are interested can get pre-order now to ensure you will get first hand on the device when it reaches consumer market.