Microsoft has brought to users a new free add-in, Pro Photo Shoot, for its Microsoft Outlook (Version 2003 and 2007). Pro Photo Shoot is a unique management tool to allow shutterbugs to add a list of photographic equipment to any outlook appointment and organize their events more efficiently. Users especially photographers can keep their digital records for all their photographic equipment complete with serial numbers via this new add-in.

The developer Lead at Microsoft, Todd Newman highlighted that “Pro Photo Shoot is a Microsoft Office Outlook add-in that is designed to help photographers keep track of the little stuff. When you’re first planning a photo shoot—perhaps while you’re on the phone with your customer—you can bring up a dialog with a list of the equipment you own and then check off what you want to bring with you. The list is stored in the body of the appointment so when you print the appointment record the list is right there with all the other details.”

Photographers can download the free add-in ProPhotoShoot from Microsoft via the link here. There are two versions of this free add in designed for Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 respectively. Both are compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista. Once you have downloaded and installed this free management tool, you need to customize it by adding in your photo equipments, e.g. lens, camera, battery, backdrop, etc. The program is pretty user friendly and useful for photographers.
Screenshoot for Pro Photo Shoot