As an administration and management measure, many users like to do defragmentation to their hard disc to reduce the amount of fragmentation in files system and reorganize the contents of their hard disk. However, to use the Windows Disk Defragmenter tool sometime is quite disturbance and time consuming. The process tends to slow down your system and various problems such as the progress gauge may not move and so on. To improve your defragmentation process, users can try an alternative solution by using mst Defrag.

mst Defrag is a useful and proactive defragmentation application which allows users to defragment their hard disc without affecting their works. The defragmentation process is carried out in the background and it wouldn’t affect the computers’ performance on other things. Unlike other defragmentation tools, mst Defrag also allows users to defragment drives of distant network computers and the process is as simple as if you do it in local drives. mst Defrag will enhance the computers’ system performance tremendously not only after the defragmentation process is completed but also thereafter.

mst Defrag has released its latest mst Defrag Some improvements and enhancements in this release include: –
• Improved Windows Vista compatibility
• Configuration Wizard
• Analyzed finished dialog with hints
• Defragmentation finished dialog with hints
• Command line tool
• Scheduling

Download mst Defrag:
mst Defrag Home Edition
mst Defrag Workstation Edition
mst Defrag Server Edition