There is hope for finger-amputated patients worldwide. Losing their fingers has affected their ability to lead a normal and independent life. Simple everyday activities like grasping food, dressing themselves, holding a basket, etc become challenging or impossible without the full dexterity of their fingers. Touch Bionics, the developer of advanced upper-limb bionic technologies, has revealed the world’s first powered bionic finger prosthesis. The invention helps to rehabilitate patients who have experienced trauma in losing their fingers to return to a more normal vocational and social life.

ProDigits is a powered prosthetic solution that resembles the functions of a normal hand. It allows users to bend, touch, grip, pick up and point much like normal fingers. Users can choose from two control strategies available: myoelectric sensors or a pressure sensitive switch input. The prosthetic build is also customized or unique to each user to suit individual needs. There are two types of prosthetic cover available: the high-tech clear and black robotic skins or the LIVINGSKIN high-definition silicone for a more human-like look.