You have spent hours and a lot of effort to shoot some magnificent photos or work on some wonderful design. If you don’t want your masterpiece spread across the internet or get posted on somebody’s websites or blogs, one of the effective ways to protect your hard work is to add a custom watermark to your digital images. Adding in texts such as your name, URL, brand, etc in watermark form won’t cost you anything. It’s free and even if it can’t stop others from copying or using your images, at least the source of the images is prominently displayed and acknowledged. You can do this by using the Watermark Tool, a free web application that helps you to add a custom watermark to your digital images.

Watermark Tool is a free web based service. To add in watermark texts, just go to Watermark Tool, upload your file and add in the texts that you want to trademark your photos. This application features some basic text editing tools for you to customize the text size, font type, text color, text transparency, box colour, text position and other attributes. Once you have finalized the watermark, just click on to the “Generate” button and your new watermarked image will be produced. You can thence download this new watermarked image. Watermark Tool is a pretty straightforward tool for those who want to add in watermark to their photos. The downside of this tool is you can only add watermark once at a time.

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