It is always important to ensure that you have the right virus protection software installed in your computer system. While you may have very powerful virus protection running at back end, in case you still want to have a first line simple and yet free protection mechanism to filter off some of the malicious programs from spreading into your computer system, PE Guard could be a good alternative.

It doesn’t have any GUI and just stay at system tray silently. There are two modes you can choose to run namely Power GUARD and Normal GUARD. In order to have maximum protection, you are always advised to choose Power Guard all the time. Basically virus that attempts to attack your computer with few of the methods will be detected. The first scenario is when a virus is trying to duplicate itself to your computer (applicable for POWER mode only). Secondly, when a virus is trying to spread itself into one of your executable files and thirdly could be when a new program trying to write a new driver (.sys) files in your computer (Applicable for power mode only). As long as it detects any one of the action has been taken by virus, it will stop the action immediately and a window will be popped up to alert you and let you to choose an appropriate action.

PE Guard 1.1 is absolutely free to download and is compatible to run on Windows XP/Vista/7. Unlike other antivirus software, once you have it installed, you will never ask to update it again from time to time and it is able to perform well to keep you computer clean from virus infection.