It is quite a common problem and challenge faced by IT operation/maintenance professionals to manage system performance and avoid performance degradation and abnormalities. To assist IT experts to detect early performance disruption, the American enterprise management software provider, BMC Software Inc, released its highly sophisticated warming system, ProactiveNet Analytics, lately.

Unlike other traditional management tools that focus on availability, this smart ProactiveNet Analytics application will study the normal performance behavior of every monitored attribute – including business indicators and end user metrics — across a company’s IT environment and it will thence alert IT operators on upcoming performance problems. By knowing the problem earlier, IT operators will have sufficient time and preparation to prevent any disruption or disturbance.

The key features and benefits of ProactiveNet Analytics software:

• Delivers value in days, gets “smart” within 2-4 weeks and adapts to change in performance behaviors automatically
• Requires virtually no manual threshold setting or maintenance efforts
• Reduces mean-time-to-repair by delivering probable cause analysis to the right people before users are affected
• Correlates performance, business, and other third party data and events to provide complete visibility into IT performance and business processes
• Reduces false positives and propagates only events closest to the problem cause with built-in event and data pre-processing
• Adapts to changes in IT infrastructure automatically, factoring seasonal and business related aspects into early warning

Read the Press Release from BMC.