As web browser is the primary utility used by all Internet users, it is often vulnerable to attacks from various malicious threats. For instance, drive-by download is the most common malware-delivery vehicle where systems are getting infected without user’s knowledge during web browsing. Instead of recovering a malware-compromised system, isn’t it a better idea to prevent the infection at the first place? The TrafficLight introduced by Romania-based antivirus software suite BitDefender aid in warning the users about malicious websites and filtering the malicious web traffic could be the answer.

The deferential feature in BitDefender TrafficLight is the program installs itself as a service in Windows that carefully monitors and analyzes the web traffic before the web browser executes the codes. Besides zero configuration, TrafficLight adds no buttons or toolbar to the web browser. In addition, TrafficLight supports almost all popular web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. Upon installation, TrafficLight appears as a small slide-out tab at the top of the page where the analysis of the current page can be pulled out via simple mouse click. Here’s the list of protections offered in TrafficLight:

  • Each search result from Google, Yahoo! or Bing is labeled to indicate the safe and risky links. TrafficLight leverages the intelligence from BitDefender Cloud services to flag the search results appropriately.
  • Each click on the links from Facebook or Twitter is scanned and the link could be blocked in real time if the link appears to be malicious.
  • Link shortening tools that works with is included to ensure only safe links are shortened.
  • Detect and block links pointing to malware or phishing sites.
  • Ad-blocker (To be available in future)

The cross browser unintrusive web threat control software is currently released as Beta version and available as free download. Here’s the direct link to the installer: WebInstaller.exe