To avoid any copyright infringement and lawsuit from Sony, PSGroove, the open source and free hacking program to crack or jailbreak Sony PS3 (PlayStation 3), intentionally disable and turn of features that can lead to piracy of games and applications running on PS3. Instead, developers positions PSGroove as the tool to allow the execution of unsigned third-party apps and games on the PS3.

Anyway, it’s revealed that with slight change in source code of descriptor.h file, the Backup Manager feature can be enabled and turned on when user compiles and loads the exploit code into the USB dongle micro-controller board. Backup Manager is used to rip and create game backups, and subsequently allow the backups to be loaded and played.

Interested can download the modified descriptor.h which contains the fix or patch to enable the “backups” support. The support is essential to allow a jailbroken or hacked PS3 to play backup games, instead of requiring original CD or DVD.

Download PSGroove’s descriptor.h with the fix to play “backups”: descriptor.h (uncompiled)

The rest of the PSGroove source code can be found at