Net browsing is a common habit inherited by all net users. We use search engines like Google to browse for information that we need. It is pretty fast and convenient especially with Google Toolbar functions such as Google Pull Down Menu, Google Search Box, etc. Having said that, you must also be careful and extra cautious with your search queries. Anyone can easily spy on your search tracks if they can access your computer. You might have searched for something such as porno videos, nude photos, games, or looked for new jobs with your office computer.

However, your company rules and regulations might restrict you from using company computers for other purposes besides work-related usage. Under this circumstance, you might get into trouble if your superior or your boss discovers your search tracks. For instance, when you make a search with Google, you search for “Jobs application” via Google Engine, Google will expand the search query into the URL and the URL will display In this case, your search record is easy to track.

To delete or clear the search tracks, of course you can clean your browser’s history and cookies. However, there is another way to confuse those who are tracking your search history. There are a few websites which are hosted on the same server as You can set them as a default and use them to make searches. These website are actually the replication of but they have different URL name. In the event you forgot to clean your browser’s history, at least you can confuse voyeurs on what you are trying to do with your internet or your browsing habits.