For those that are looking for seamless connectivity even when you are on the flight, you won’t be disappointed again. Qantas, an Australian airlines has announced that satellite-based internet service will be available on its new Airbus A380s starting from August 2008.

The passengers will have options of whether to use their own laptops or use the built in seatback inflight entertainment systems to surf net or chat online via instant messenger. However, there is no detail on whether VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) will be supported yet. Probably making voice calls will be annoying and disturbing others while on the plane. For those passengers that prefer to use their own laptops, there will be power sockets available in every seat for laptop charging. Besides, common ports such as USB and RJ45 will also be provided for internet connection and handheld devices charging.


The service charges have not been disclosed yet but it is said to be affordable by public. It is estimated to cost $8 and $5 per flight for email usage and instant messaging respectively. This introduction will definitely benefit all the frequent travelers and there will be no more boring long journey travel by only watching VOD (Video On Demand) movies and playing cards.