If you are a camera phone user and would like to have the capability to fax, email or even post online, here is the useful tool that you may consider. Known as Qipit, it doesn’t require any hardware or software change on your mobile phone but what you need is just a mobile phone with camera capability. Pretty simple and what is more, it is free for registration and you can try it out immediately.

By using this great feature, the user can snap the documents or pictures using mobile phone camera function and then email, fax or even post them online. They also can convert it to PDF format for file size reduction to be stored or shared among friends.
The feature is compatible with most of the mobile phones models in the market. But if you still want to have a good feel whether you mobile phones meet the requirement, just go to here and check it out. The registration is free and will only take minutes to be activated.

The concept looks quite similar to YouTube Enabled mobile phones that the user can upload and share the video clips online directly from the mobile devices. While uploading and sharing video clips could be fun, Qibit offers slightly different functions such as snap, email and fax feature that could be practical in daily usage.