QUALCOMM, a leader in advanced wireless technology introduced a new technology service that can turn the mobile device into emergency tool during the recent BREW 2007 conference held in San Diego. The service, known as AmberWatch Mobile provides GPS tracking capabilities to keep all its wireless device’s users from any threat or harm.

The applications is developed by WaveMarket, a leader in LBS (Location Based Solution) and with the collaboration from AmberWatch Foundation, which is a charity center that aims to protect child under the risk of abduction.


Some of the useful features announced include the users are able to alert family members on their actual location through GPS (Global Positioning System). The alerts could be in the type of text, voice message or email. Besides, the family members will have the capability to view the user’s locations through the PC web server or mobile phones. Similarly, for parents that worry about their children, they can also perform scheduled checking on the actual locations of their children in timely basis. For the backup plan, there is a phone tree feature that will route the alert message to secondary contact when the primary contact is unreachable.

This is simple yet very reliable method to ensure your loved ones stay in closed contact with you all the time. QUALCOMM announced that the revenue generated from the launch will be 100% given to AmberWatch Foundation.