Nowadays wireless technology has becomes so common and start replacing wired technology especially with the availability of more Internet capable devices such as MID (Mobile Internet devices) and UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) as well as upcoming nettop. While 802.11n is able to handle high bandwidth broadband access, but it may not robust enough to stream multiple HD (High Definition) media files simultaneously. Quantenna Communication, an US based silicon design company has taken a step further to develop what it claims to be the world’s first fully integrated 802.11n compliant chipset that is able to scale up the throughput to 1Gbps targeted for HD media streaming in digital home through wireless network.

Quantenna high speed chipsets, or better known as QHS is featured with 4 X 4 MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out) that can reduce interference in blocked environment as compared to existing 802.11n wireless network. Combined with transmit beamforming technology, it will able to improve the data throughput and coverage while maintaining reasonable transmit power. It is further enhanced with Vector Mesh Networking that can boost up the performance significantly. That is not all, the next generation chipsets support concurrent dual mode that guarantee priority bandwidth for video transmission at 5GHz band while leaving legacy data transmission in more crowded 2.4GHz band.

There are three models, namely QHS1000 (with 1Gbps link and 600Mbps data bandwidth), QHS600 (with 600Mbps link and 400Mbps data bandwidth) and QHS450 (with 450Mbps link and 200Mbps data bandwidth) available for customer selection and all will be commercialized by end of this year.