Many users like to use program launchers to manage and quick launch their frequently used program applications rather than go back to Windows Start Menu or the messy desktop to locate them. To launch the programs in a program launcher application, users basically need to open the program launcher itself first either by pressing a hotkey or double clicking the program icon. To make the process smoother and more efficient, MouseExtender offers users another quick alternative to call up the program launcher by clicking the middle mouse button or any defined mouse + keyboard combination.

With a single mouse click, users can wake the MouseExtender launcher for programs, files, folders and even URLS quick launch. MouseExtender allows users to drag and drop programs, files or folders and URLs shortcuts into its simple interface. Each program or file/folder will be represented by an icon. Users can add tabs to organize and group the shortcuts they have added into the program launcher. A single click to these shortcuts or icons will open or launch the programs/files/folders/Urls immediately. MouseExtender also allow users to schedule or set the timer to either shut down, sleep or hibernate their computer system when the computer is not in use.

Mouse Extender is a free Windows application which can be downloaded via the link here. Users who are keen to try this application can watch the Mouse Extender screen cast here: