Users who might need some relevant images for their presentation slides or school projects can always use the Google Image Search service created by Google to browse and search for image content. Users can type in the keywords for the image into the search box and the search engine will display a thumbnail of each matching image. Users will then click on to the thumbnail and the image will be displayed in a frame at the top of the page while the website on which that image is found (the source) will be shown in a frame below. A few steps are required before users can actually view the full-size image of the photo selected. If you are the impatient type and always want to see the full-size images immediately from the search result, there is a simplified Google Image Search service called Google Image Ripper that could help you.

Google Image Ripper is not a Google app but it is owned by Google. This web service simplifies the search process by allowing users to view the matching images from the search result in full-size format instead of thumbnail form. It saves users the hassle of having to click on the thumbnail images one by one and go through a few steps as mentioned before being able to see the full-size format.

Generally Google Image Ripper is more practical and user-friendly compared to Google Image Search service. What users need to do is just type in the keyword; select a desired size (icon, small, medium, large, xlarge, xxlarge, huge and all sizes); choose the type (any, news, face, clipart, lineart and photo); tick “nsfw” if they want the result to include “nsfw” (not safe for work) images and click on to “Rip Google”. This will get them the relevant results in full-size format.


The setback of this service is users must have high internet connectivity speed. Failing which, users probably need to sit down, wait for a lengthy time before the images appear.