Writing a love letter to your French girl friend or pen pal might be a nightmare if your French is half-baked. Probably you might need to translate some words from love verses or writing guides. Well, if you need a free translator to help you to get the most accurate and precise translation and definition, Google’s new OneBox has just come in at the right time for you.

Google offers a new OneBox service for quick translations. Users just need to type “translate” in the search box of Google search engine, followed by the word that they need to translate, and the optional “into French” (or other relevant languages). For instance, you want to search for Love in French. Then you just type in “Translate Love to French”. An automatically-generated bilingual dictionary will display the entry for your quick reference.

Although this translator can facilitate translation of words or phases from English to French/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese/German/Russian/Chinese/Korean/Hindi and vice versa, users cannot get the translation of entries from French to Chinese, for example. There is also no pronunciation feature (cum voice) for users who need to utter the words.