Ever wondered how you can become the next Formula One or NASCAR racing series driver? Ever dreamt of becoming the next Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso or Kimi Raikkonen? Well, you can start your training and improve your driving skills now with the online virtual auto racing simulation brought to you by iRacing.com Motorsport Simulations. The famous online racing simulation service provider, iRacing.com has unveiled its subscription-based auto-racing simulation and Internet racing service. This internet auto racing service allows its subscribers to participate in real-time and online global motorsport via a high spec PC with high speed internet connection together with a set of automotive-style wheel-and-pedal controls.

This online racing game has been in development for four years. Various effort and hard work have been put in to ensure the virtual race cars and tracks are as valid and accurate as the real world version. The software engineers applied highly accurate data generated by three-dimensional laser scanning technology, a new surveying technology, in order to build the virtual tracks as close as possible to their real physical tracks. They want to give the drivers the simulation experience of every aspect of a lap down to the finest detail, e.g. turn-in points, braking points, apex of a corner, the track surface’s camber, cracks, undulations portions, patches, etc. The software engineer also collaborated with major auto manufacturers and racecar constructors to gather all the data necessary to construct a virtual vehicle that’s faithful to the original not just in appearance but in its performance. The virtual race car is not just a graphical representation of a stock car or sport car. Based on a complex system of mathematical functions that replicates dynamic forces using data-driven calculations of action and reaction, the design engineers has transformed the virtual car from just a graphic car to a more “real” car controlled by the simulation’s physics engine.

Being an enthusiast in Motorsports, we quite look forward to this online racing game offered by iRacing. Of course the first thing we need to do is to ensure compliance with the one of the following systems required:

System Requirements
• Windows XP or Windows Vista
• Hyperthreaded Intel CPU, AMD Athlon 64 CPU, or any dual-core CPU
• 128MB Pixel Shader 2.0 (ATI 9700Pro or nVidia 6600 or better); 256 MB Pixel Shader 3.0 (ATI X1600 or nVidia 6800 GT/GS or better recommended) graphics adapter
• 1 GB system RAM
• 3Gb free hard disk space
• Steering wheel and pedals required
• Microphone optional, required for voice chat

Internet Browser Requirements
• Firefox 1.5, Internet Explorer 6, or newer
• Javascript enabled
• Cookies enabled
• Flash Player

Internet Connection Speed
• 56K dial-up at a minimum, Broadband (DSL or Cable) highly recommended. Satellite broadband excluded.

Since it is a subscription based online game, users need to pay for subscription. There are four subscription packages available: Monthly for $20, 3-Month for $50, 6-Month for $90 and Yearly for $156.