iPad is ideal for web browsing but when comes to speedy typing, you may still need to rely on external Bluetooth wireless keyboard. If you are looking for good app that can handle such requirement, the recently released app in iTunes with the name of Radial could be your good alternatives.

Radial is an innovative idea that takes care on how users type when with one hand holding on iPad, leaving only another hand for typing. The keyboard layout has been redesigned with with QWERTY key strokes arranged nicely at two corners of the iPad radically so that regardless if they are in Portrait or Landscape mode, users will still be able to access to the right keystrokes fast enough for speedy typing.
Some improvements in version 2.1 as compared to previous are listed below:

  • Can be used in both Landscape or Portrait mode.
  • Auto Copies on all the words typed as and when you exit the app.
  • Autocorrection as well as other bugs fixes.

Only one drawback, they could be a need to familiarize the keyboard layout before you can really utilize the benefit. Since Radial is free and compatible with iOS 4.0 and above, no harm to try it out and compare how effective it is for regular email typing or collaterals writing on your iPad (and iPad 2 when it is officially released next week).