Generally net users tend to bookmark or copy the URLs of interesting sites they find and save them somewhere until they have time to read them. However, it is a human fallibility to forget about what they have bookmarked subsequently. As a result, the bookmark menu will be full of old bookmarks which are forgotten. If this sounds familiar when you are surfing the net, apps such as “Read It Later” could probably be helpful.

A Firefox extension, Read It Later provides net users with an easier and more appropriate solution. Once it is installed, users can simply click the “Read Later” button when they come across some sites they want to read later. Clicking on the button will instantly save the particular sites to the user’s “Reading List”. When users are free and have time for reading, users can just click on the Reading List icon in the corner of the Firefox Windows to recall the collection of the sites accumulated or saved earlier. After reading, users can mark the particular site as Read and this site will be removed from the Reading List. With this Read It Later plugin from Idea Shower, it doesn’t mess up users’ bookmark list and it is easy for housekeeping.

The Read It Later version 0.9 for Firefox 3 has been released. This version has introduced a number of new features, e.g. save links for offline consumption when there is no internet access; sync list with any number of computers, list sorting, etc. Firefox users who like to enjoy this facility can download it via the link here.