Reading is rather a monotonous activity and involves a certain amount of concentration. Many young adult readers, in particular, find it difficult to concentrate for long periods. Others have learning difficulties due to poor eyesight, reading disorders, or dyslexia. Studies have shown that up to 80% of people with learning problems grapple with basic reading and language skills. ReadPal makes reading more accessible and engaging to learners in rather innovative ways. ReadPal is a software that works with MS Office, Notepad, Internet Explorer, Outlook and Outlook Express to display texts in various formats to provide a more personalized reading experience for users.

Once installed, users will find a ReadPal icon on the top right-hand corner of their Microsoft application. Clicking on the icon will reveal a reading screen and a menu of selected formats. Users can choose to read texts in four different formats, i.e. Sentence, Column, Double Column, or Banner. Each format presents a different view of texts to suit individual needs. Users can choose their preferred font style, size, and color for the display.

ReadPal also helps to improve the reading speed by as much as 40 percent. Apart from more focused reading, the AutoSkim feature can skim the text for key words and eliminate unimportant words in its screen display. The percentage of words to be skipped can be determined by users in settings. Readers can also opt to move to skip certain content via the availability of a progress bar.

It is still left to be seen whether this free software can encourage more learners to read and to promote active or effective reading. A major drawback of ReadPal is it is only compatible with Microsoft applications and is not available in Firefox or PDF.

Download ReadPal Via the link here.