Looking for unique credit card to show off your riches? The famous Seoul-based smart card maker, GK Power has concerned of rich and the affluent need and has introduced its new high-concept credit card for the VVIP customers. As what you see in the photo, it’s an elegant diamond-embedded credit cards, which make able thanks to the technologies that enabled gold film coating and diamond embedding on plastic cards.


According to Kim Sam-sun, CEO of GK Power, “VVIP customers want differentiation, and banks want to attract these big spender.” “Banks know that VIP clients want to get special benefits and, in order to beat the competition to lure the biggest spenders, they must make good offers.”

“Some of the Middle Eastern countries may not seem rich in terms of the entire country, but there is always that top millionaire class anywhere, and that’s the crowd we’re initially aiming for,” added by Kim.

In addition, Dubai First Bank has ordered 1,000 diamond-packing elegant credit cards at $175,000 for their most affluent customers.