The provider of Internet media delivery software and services, RealNetworks has announced its first WiiWare game for Nintendo Wii gaming console, named as Boingz, which developed by NinjaBee, the award-winning game development studio, and published by Real.

“We are thrilled at Nintendo’s ability to continue bringing countless new fans to casual games with the Wii,” said Matt Turetzky, vice president of content and non-PC platforms in the Games Division of RealNetworks. “With the launch of Boingz, we are taking our casual games to living room consoles for the first time and taking advantage of the unique game play capabilities of the system to craft a casual experience targeted specifically for Wii gamers.”

According to the release, “Boingz introduces players to bendy, stretchy little critters who’ve found themselves scattered about an alien world. Players must help the Boingz free the rest of their friends and find their way back home by solving a series of addicting, mind-bending puzzles across thirty levels of fun. Using the Wii Remote to grab, stretch and fling the rubber-band bodies of the Boingz, players direct the team one by one to bounce around the environments, traverse the seas and even build bridges with their own bodies. Created exclusively for WiiWare, the single-player world of Boingz is a surreal, colorful landscape that will entertain players of all ages.”

“Working with RealNetworks has allowed us to branch out to Nintendo’s Wii and create an innovative new IP with awesome physics and fantastic visuals,” said Steve Taylor, President of NinjaBee. “While we are best known for our collection of titles on other platforms, Nintendo’s WiiWare will bring to life a game that we have wanted to make for a long time and believe fans will truly enjoy.”