You may have bored with the way to access your iOS device’s screen and if you are looking for new way to unlock the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for use, the near-to-launch app in Cydia could be something that you are looking for. Named as RecognizeMe, it utilizes your front facing camera on iOS devices to capture and match with its database before granted an access to the devices.

RecognizeMe is dubbed as the first biometric facial recognition app that doesn’t need any external peripheral but instead, it can work with your native front-facing camera. The operation is really simple – users will need to capture own photos that will be stored in database, and whenever need to unlock the passcode screen, they just need to face the front facing camera to capture the new image that will be compared to pre-stored photo for authentication. Not to worry if you can’t get the authentication works for any reason, it will fall back to conventional passcode screen as usual.

This seems to be a brilliant idea but if you wonder how accurate or fast that it can perform the tasks, let’s wait for the official copy release in Cydia at anytime today. However, RecognizeMe is not free but costs $6.99 and since it is in Cydia, the app is only applicable for jailbroken devices so hopefully you will start realizing more valid reason to jailbreak your iOS devices to enjoy such apps.