utipu.jpgOn some occasions you need to capture, record and show somebody some activities on your screen. For instance, you are a software developer or application tutor and you need to demonstrate to your end users how this software/application is installed and run. In most cases you will have to record a video of the full desktop screen activities and show it to others. If that is the case, the TipCam software will be a good assistant to you.

TipCam is a new screen recording software which can record a video of the user’s computer screen and post the video for sharing. It has similar functions to other screencasting tools available such as Jing and Camtasia Studio. This screen capture tool is easy to use and control. It features smart panning functions which allow you to fix the zooming window or follow the movements of your mouse cursor. The zooming window is adjustable during recording.

Once you have captured the screen activities on video, TipCamp allows you to upload your video and share with others online via its online service, UTipU. Each member who has signed up with UTipU will be given 250MB free storage for uploading and sharing their masterpieces. Users can upload their files in FLV (Flash Video) format to UTipU via email or send directly from TipCam with a single click. Users also can use the UTipU service from within Facebook. It is one of Facebook’s applications to share video files.

Besides demonstrating, users also can use TipCam to capture screens and show to others for purposes such as recording and showing how to change your MySpace layout; recording a computer error that you have and posting a question on Yahoo Answers; recording and sharing an online game you are playing – poker, bridge, Sudoku, etc.

Download link for TipCam.

How to use TipCam to record your screen activities. including pause, resume, zoom, save, post and email recordings

How to use zooming in uTIPu TipCam

How to set up and use the drawing and annotation feather of uTIPu TipCam