Modern working life is generally full of problems, irritation and frustration. You can’t run away from deadlines, demanding bosses, unreasonable customers, etc. If you can’t manage your stress well or find a way to deal with it, it can turn into a serious disease and affect your life and relationship with others. Stress Relief is a simple portable game that can probably help you to relieve a bit of your stress if you always end up with the never-ending paperwork in the office and have entrained thoughts of smashing your computer with a spanner to finish it off.

Stress Relief is a simple portable game application that allows frustrated users to smash or hammer their computer “digitally”. This application offers user nine different tools including hammer, chain-saw, machine gun, flame-thrower, color-thrower, phaser, stamp, termites and washer to destroy your work station and reduce your stress significantly. You can use the hammer which is controlled by the mouse to smash the screen to relieve your frustration. If you hate your boss tremendously, probably you can use the chain-saw to cut his digital face into pieces or machine gun to shoot him. The destructed ‘screen’ will be recovered once the stress release application is closed. Make sure your boss is not behind you, though, wen you’re at it!

Stress Relief is compatible with Windows 32-bit and 64-bit and it can be downloaded here.