Registry First Aid 7.1 Platinum is a reliable utility suite that able to do registry tune-up and repair software for Windows operating system to ensure maximizes PC performance. Registry First Aid can help to optimize, keep tuned, ensure error free, speed up system, and scan registry for orphaned file or folder references to correct registry entries to match the located files or folders. In addition, Registry First Aid can find invalid entries that link to the files of deleted applications to remove the files from registry. The new version Registry First Aid 7.1 Platinum has fixed bug with not removing empty folders remained in backup folder after full registry restore, added new excluded keys into the default list, and updated language files.

Features of Registry First Aid Platinum:

  • Search the registry for several strings at once
  • Defragment registry files
  • Create registry snapshots
  • Review folders where invalid registry keys refer
  • Review registry entries with RegEdit where invalid items reside
  • Create full registry backups before any changes
  • Create small registry backups of modified registry entries
  • Restore any particular modified registry entry to its initial state
  • Search for a modified registry entry in all backup files
  • Save the list of found invalid entries into a text file
  • Print the list of found invalid entries
  • Schedule automatic registry scan

Registry First Aid 7.1 Platinum normally cost $27.95 for purchase. As part of promotional offer from Avanquest, anybody now can grab the Registry First Aid 7.1 Platinum with free full version genuine legitimate activation serial license key.

  1. To get the free Registry First Aid 7.1 Platinum license key code, go to the following promotion page to register:

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  3. Email from “Kontak” will be sent to registered email, click “Kilckhen” to grab a free registration key.
  4. Download the Registry First Aid 7.1 setup installer: rfasetup.exe
  5. Then install it and go to Help Menu -> Enter Registration Code to enter the activation key to enjoy the fully licensed Registry First Aid 7.1.

Registry First Aid 7.1 Platinum support Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Update: This offer has expired. New free Registry First Aid 7 Platinum giveaway promotion available.