map-advertising.jpgThe company which develops and licenses advertising technologies that enable truly relevant advertising, Relevantis has recently announced the launch of its new Map Advertising, which the company claims as the first advertising platform supporting paid icons for interactive maps and navigation systems. As what you see in the photo, the innovative Map Advertising platform essentially places branded icons such as 7-Eleven, Starbucks, Shell and Pizza Hut on the map, allowing consumers to interact with advertisers at the touch of a button.

According to the company, “For example, customers can instantly receive a coupon from the advertiser, call the advertiser or get directions. Advertisers are charged based on the number of impressions their icon receives or the number of actions (such as click-for-coupon) enabled. The platform further allows existing advertisements to be re-purposed for maps.”

In addition, the Map Advertising platform also supports online map products.

“At Relevantis, our goal is to enable advertising that doesn’t feel like advertising,” said Scott Searle, CEO of Relevantis. “With map advertising, everybody wins: The map publisher receives revenue from advertising; advertisers are able to reach out to consumers in an engaging and effective manner; and, most importantly, end users have a great experience that doesn’t feel like advertising. The map icons feel natural – like they belong. This leads to greater ad revenues and increased customer satisfaction and retention.”