redeye-deviceiPhone or iPod touch users who have long enjoyed using their mobile gadget to do remote control for instance their Mac PC are now given another option with ThinkFlood’s newly released RedEye Remote Control System which allows iPhone or iPod touch users to remote control their AV devices, home automation system or anything responds to IR signals. This new RedEye Remote Control System consists of a transparent blue plastic base station which functions as a dock connector. Users need to set up a connection between their iPhone/iPod Touch and the dock connector via WiFi and configure the device using the free RedEye software application. Once the set up is established and configuration is done, users can use their iPhone or iPod as a remote control to control their AV devices. The dock connector can also be used as a charging station to charge users’ iPhone or iPod touch.

The blue plastic base station costs $188 however the RedEye software application is absolutely free. This remote control system supports multiple rooms, controllers and users simultaneous.