AIM Ad Hack is a free third-party add-on for AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) created by Cuban-Aftermath Software. AIM Ad Hack blocks and removes advertisements from the GUI of AIM, and can remove or uninstall spyware such as Viewpoint Media Player and WildTangent which are commonly included in AIM installation. AIM Ad Hack modifies the AIM executable itself to remove ads and spyware, thus have to be loaded every time AIM is started. It can be run as a stand-alone program or as an add-on to an existing installation of AIM

Features of AIM Ad Hack:

  • Removes advertisements from buddy list
  • Removes Buddy Info Ads
  • Removes Settings Ads
  • Removes Buddy List and IM search box
  • Blocks AOL Software Update Utility Install
  • Blocks Viewpoint Media Player Install
  • Blocks AIM Toolbar Install
  • Blocks AOL Loader Install
  • Blocks Quality Feedback Agent Install
  • Blocks AOL Media Playback Install
  • Blocks IE search provider change
  • Blocks homepage change
  • Removes AOL On Desktop (AOL Installer)
  • Removes Triton’s crash reporting tool
  • Removes System Information Utility
  • Removes AOL Browser
  • Removes Plaxo
  • Removes Wild Tanget
  • Removes WeatherBug
  • Removes MySearch toolbar
  • Removes AOL Toolbar
  • Removes AIM Logger
  • Removes Internet Explorer requirement
  • Adds support for Windows 2003
  • Optionally removes AIM plugins
  • Optionally disable HostManager from starting up with windows
  • Optionally install AIM while running AIM Ad Hack

There are various versions of AIM Ad Hack for different versions of AOL Instant Messenger. Users have to download a corresponding version of AIM Ad Hack to match the version of AIM installed on the system. For user without AIM installed yet, just download the latest version, and the AIM client will be automatically downloaded and installed.

Aim Ad Hack version 5.61 for AIM 6.9: Aim Ad Hack
Aim Ad Hack version 6.13 for AIM 7.0: Aim Install Condom 6.13.exe
Aim Ad Hack version 4.16 for AIM 5.9.6089: AIM Ad Hack 4.16.exe
Aim Ad Hack Light for AIM 5.2- 5.9x series: AIM Ad Hack Light.exe

There is also a new version of AIM Ad Hack version 6.14 which supports AIM 7.1 Beta, which should be released soon. Note that the version of AIM Ad Hack installed must be correct, or else the removal won’t work properly.