Windows Live Messenger is an major upgrade and replacement to MSN Messenger series of popular IM client from Microsoft. Thus previously Windows Live Messenger also called MSN Messenger 8 and the new version features a lot of new features and more intuitive interface. However, the advertisements shown on the main window and the chat windows (message windows) of Windows Live Messenger is pretty annoying. There are few ways to remove, disable and get rid of the ads on Windows Live Messenger so that the messenger is ads free.

The easiest way is to download A-Patch, which is actually an utility to customize visual and functionality aspects of Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger. There are more than 70 options and configurations currently available.

A-Patch has been continuing update to support latest version of Windows Live Messenger. It supports MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger from version 8.0.0787 and 8.0.0792 in early version of A-Patch 1.3.0 RC1 (build 37), Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0787, 8.0.0792, 8.0.0812, 8.1.0064, 8.1.0066, 8.1.0068, 8.1.0106, 8.1.0168 and 8.1.0178 in A-Patch 1.3.0 RC1 (build 54) to latest Windows Live Messenger 2011 with A-Patch version 1.43 (build 15).

Download latest version of A-Patch from

To disable and remove Windows Live Messenger ads, just extract and execute the A-Patch executable.

  1. Exit from Windows Live Messenger.
  2. If you’re first time running A-Patch, you will be prompted Advance Options screen. Just click OK to select the default.
  3. On the Welcome window (page 2), select “Patch Messenger” under “Choose an Option”, and make sure the path to the Windows Live Messenger is correct (default should be C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger which is shown automatically, unless you change your installation directory, otherwise leave it as it is.).
  4. Click Next.
  5. Click Next again.
  6. On the Contact List window (page 5), select the “Remove Advertisement” option (4th or 5th option, depending on how you count).
  7. Click Next.
  8. Click Next again.
  9. Click another Next again.
  10. In the Instant Messege window, select the “Remove Advertisement” option (last row).
  11. Click Next.
  12. Click Next again.
  13. Click another Next again.
  14. Now, click on Apply to remove the ads on Windows Live Messenger.
  15. You will be prompted to make sure you’re running the patch on a clean unmodified installation of MSN Messenger, and ensure that Windows Live Messenger has closed. Click on OK to continue.
  16. Patching done. Select “Launch MSN Messenger” and click Exit to launch the patched Windows Live Messenger without ads including text link ads.

The new version of APatch since 1.43has added support for features available only in Windows Live Messenger 2011, including:

Remove advertisement from main window.
Remove text advertisement in the IM window.
Polygamy/Multi-MSN – open more than one Messenger at once.
Remove the “See More Offerings” items in the file menus.
Remove “Featured” section from the Emoticons “more” dialog box.
Disable Nudge Shake.
Remove Nudge Delay.
Remove the top of the Contact List.
Remove Search Bar.
Remove the “Connected to…” bar.
Accept more than 3 files (transfers at a time).

A-Patch is a full featured customization tools for MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger with the ability to modify the following options:

[Contact List] – 30

Remove Windows Live Logo
Remove “Messenger” Title
Remove Display Picture Container
Remove Personal Message Bar
Remove E-mail Button
Remove Sharing Folders Button
Remove My Space Button
Remove Windows Live Today Button
Remove Make a Phone Call Button
Remove Yellow Information Bar
Change Display Picture Link
Remove Contacts Personal Message
Remove Toast Display Picture
Remove Gleam Notification
Remove Advertisement
Add Always On Top Button
Remove Search Bar
Remove Display Picture in Sign-In Window
Remove Bottom Links in Sign-In Window
Remove Windows Live ID Branding
Disable MSN Spaces Contact Card Integration
Remove Color Button
Disable Song Links
Remove Emoticons from Nicknames
Remove Contact Manager Bar
— Move Contact Manager Bar to the Bottom
— Remove Extra Padding from the Contact Manager Bar
— Remove “Add a Contact” Button from the Contact Manager Bar
— Remove “Manage your Contacts” Button from the Contact Manager Bar
— Remove Contact Search Field from the Contact Manager Bar

[Instant Message] – 34

Remove Windows Live Logo
Remove Invite Button
Remove Send Files Button
Remove Web Cam Button
Remove Call Button
Remove Activities Button
Remove Games Button
Remove Block Button
Remove Color Button
Remove Search Button
Remove My Display Picture Container
Remove Font Button
Remove Emoticons Button
Remove Voice Clip Button
Remove Backgrounds Button
Remove Winks Button
Remove Packs Button
Remove Nudge Button
Remove What’s Hot Section
Remove Formatting Toolbar Separator
Change Ink Tabs to Text
Remove Advertisement
Remove Contact’s Personal Messange and E-mail (To: Bar)
Remove Web Cam Icon from Avatar/DP Containers
Remove Nudge Delay
Disable Nudge Shake
Remove Send Button
Add Send Button to Handwriting Tab
Remove Status Information Bar Remove “Get a Webcam” Link Add Always On Top Button
Remove User Is Writing Message
Remove Convert Tab
Remove “says” Text

[Miscellaneous] – 6

Polygamy (Multi-MSN)
Show Idle Status
Shorten Status Info in Info Bar
Install WinAMP Plug-in for Now Playing feature
Remove Advertisement in Sharing Folders Window
Remove Billing Info Menus