Both Mac and Windows machines will create temporary systems and hidden files such as Thumbs.db, .Trashes, .DS_Store, .Spotlight-V100, etc when users connect their storage devices to the machines. These system and hidden files are unnecessary and sometimes can be extremely annoying and an eyesore for some users. Users can regularly and periodically clean these files to optimize the storage device performance. However, if users are looking for an easier way to remove these unnecessary hidden system files, users can try this tiny application, namely OptimUSB.

OptimUSB (96KB) is a tiny maintenance tool for both Mac OS X and Windows. This little application will automatically remove the temporary systems and hidden files as mentioned earlier each time users eject the USB storage drive. Users do not need to install this tiny application. Users can download the portable application from and save in their USB storage device. Users just need to run OptimUSB before ejecting their USB drive. All temporary files will get deleted and your drive automatically ejected.