In Windows 7, Windows Explorer will save and remember the files and folders location or path which users manually typed and entered into the location bar or address bar on the Windows Explorer. The files and folders visited history will be displayed for auto completion on next entry or easy access by clicking on down arrow at the end of the location bar to drop down the list.

In order to remove, delete and clear the folders and files visited history in Windows Explorer, just use the following very simple trick, without the need to perform registry editing.

Open Windows Explorer, and when location bar is out of focus, right click on Location Bar. On the context menu that appears, select Delete history.

Delete Windows Explorer Files and Folders History

Once clicked, all history related to typed folders and files which appear on the Windows Explorer will be cleared and removed.

Empty Typed History in Windows Explorer

Note that the action does not delete and clear Recent Places history, recent items list nor delete the Internet browsing history.