Facebook users who using Mozilla Firefox web browser to visit facebook.com website can use hack script for Greasemonkey add-on to remove and hide annoying ads in Facebook. Of course, it’s possible to use specialized ad blocker such as AdBlock Plus, but some may prefer Greasemonkey as it does a lot more things. Greasemonkey addon for Firefox allows users to customize the way a web page displays using small bits of JavaScript, including removing ads contents and banner advertisements blocks.

Once installed Greasemonkey plugin in Firefox, restart Firefox browser and then install one of the following Greasemonkey scripts created by Greasemonkey users.

Remove All Facebook Ads – Removes banner ads, sponsored items in news feed and sponsored sidebar items from Facebook.

NoFacebookAds – Removes Facebook flyer and network adverts, including ‘social adverts’ such as the annoying Danish barber adverts.

Hide Facebook Ads – Hide “Facebook Flyer” adverts on Facebook left sidebar on homepage or profile page.

Facebook – Hide FeedAds – Hides the ads inserted into Facebook Feed. (WARNING: May be a phishing script. Use with own care.)

Cipher’s Facebook Remove Ads or Facebook Companion – Both remove ads from Facebook, where the later is the original source code.

NoPirateQuestAds – Specific to PirateQuest ads, where it prevents any Facebook wall entries containing ads for “PirateQuest” from appearing.