AVG Anti-Virus from Grisoft is one of the great free antivirus solutions which provides the basic and necessary anti spyware, anti malware, anti-virus, anti-spam, and other security protection tools for Windows users. Due to unforeseen circumstances such as corrupted files, system conflict, incomplete installation, etc., you may need to undo the installation of the antivirus program. If you remove the antivirus program using the Windows built-in remove program feature, you will probably end up with only a partially uninstalled program. This happens mainly because all antivirus programs generally integrate comprehensively with the operating system. To assist users who encounter this problem, AVG has created a remover tool, AVG Remover, for users, similar to other antivirus solutions.

AVG Remover is a freeware tool which allows users to completely remove AVG Anti Virus in the event users want to remove the antivirus program due to some reasons. With this utility, users can remove all parts of the AVG installation in the computer such as all files, folders, registry settings and also the virus vault content. AVG Remover is an automated and portable tool which can be downloaded from the AVG using the following direct download links:

AVG Remover 32-bit (x86): avgremover.exe
AVG Remover 64-bit (x64): avgremoverx64.exe

Once the remover completes the task, users will be requested to restart the computer.