After installing any editions or versions of Adobe Creative Suite CS5, where Adobe Bridge is automatically installed together, a new right click menu option named “Browse in Adobe Bridge CS5” will appear whenever user right clicks on a folder or directory.

Browse in Adobe Bridge CS5

Adobe Bridge is an organizational software application with primary purpose of linking the parts of the Creative Suite together using an interface similar to the file browser found in Adobe Photoshop. It has Photoshop processing functions included, or can work in parallel and simultaneously with Adobe Photoshop. It is accessible from all other components of the Creative Suite (with the exception of standalone version of Adobe Acrobat).

Adobe Bridge may be a useful application, however, to users who do not use Adobe Bridge, the addition of “Browse in Adobe Bridge CS5” context menu handler into the right click context menu of folders and directories is deemed useless, space wastage and junk items or entries.

To make matter worse, Adobe does not provide an easy way to remove or disable the “Browse in Adobe Bridge CS5” context menu handler. Hence, users who want to remove and turn off the “Browse in Adobe Bridge CS5” entry in right click menu has to use the following trick instead.

How to Remove “Browse in Adobe Bridge CS5” from Right Click Contextual Menu

  1. Run Registry Editor (RegEdit).
  2. Navigate to the following registry key:


  3. Right click on the Bridge, and select Delete.

    Delete Browse in Adobe Bridge CS5 Context Menu Handler

The “Browse in Adobe Bridge CS5” option in right click menu will disappear instantly.