A method for malicious attackers to attack and infect others’ computers is by offering fake anti-virus software, which does everything malware does except actually scanning and cleaning viruses. Most of the fake rogue anti-virus programs managed to install on a computer through Trojan, false advertisement, security exploit or backdoor.

Once installed with a fake anti-virus such as Internet Antivirus Pro, instead of staying clean from virus, the computer will report false virus infection, alarming parasite infection, bogus system scan and display fake security alerts. The purpose is to convince end-user that the computer is infected with virus, Trojan, or malware, and then pay to purchase full licensed version product or instruction for removal of infections, which never happens.

While most fake anti-virus software mainly focuses on scam to cheat money from computer users, some rogue anti-virus programs may do more harm, such as hijack browser settings, change browser’s homepage, perform keys logging, or serves as backdoor for more malicious intent such as remote control the computer or spread viruses. The rogue software itself can also be a virus or Trojan.

Users who have computer installed and infected with fake anti-virus program can download Remove Fake Antivirus freeware to remove, delete, uninstall and clean the illegitimate anti-virus programs from computer system.

Remove Fake Antivirus (RFA) can remove the following rough software (as of version 1.63):

  1. Antivirus 7
  2. CleanUp Antivirus
  3. Security Central
  4. Security Antivirus
  5. Total PC Defender 2010
  6. Vista Antivirus Pro 2010
  7. Your PC Protector
  8. Vista Internet Security 2010
  9. XP Guardian
  10. Vista Guardian 2010
  11. Antivirus Soft
  12. XP Internet Security 2010
  13. Antivir 2010
  14. Live PC Care
  15. Malware Defense
  16. Internet Security 2010
  17. Desktop Defender 2010
  18. Security Tool
  19. Antivirus Live
  20. Personal Security
  21. Cyber Security
  22. Alpha Antivirus
  23. Windows Enterprise Suite
  24. Security Center
  25. Control Center
  26. Braviax
  27. Windows Police Pro
  28. Antivirus Pro 2010
  29. PC Antispyware 2010
  30. FraudTool.MalwareProtector.d
  31. Winshield2009.com
  32. Green AV
  33. Windows Protection Suite
  34. Total Security 2009
  35. Windows System Suite
  36. Antivirus BEST
  37. System Security
  38. Personal Antivirus
  39. System Security 2009
  40. Malware Doctor
  41. Antivirus System Pro
  42. WinPC Defender
  43. Anti-Virus-1
  44. Spyware Guard 2008
  45. System Guard 2009
  46. Antivirus 2009
  47. Antivirus 2010
  48. Antivirus Pro 2009
  49. Antivirus 360
  50. MS Antispyware 2009
  51. IGuardPC or I Guard PC
  52. Additional Guard

Remove Fake Antivirus

Remove Fake AntiVirus is developed by Olzen, and can be downloaded for free: RemoveFakeAntivirus.exe or Remove Fake Antivirus.exe.