Ads or advertisements has been main money and income earner for many websites to cover costs of maintaining a site and providing service and bandwidth. So do Orkut and MySpace. In fact, Orkut has recently added an advertising banner on right sidebar to replace the original Friends’ list.

Orkut is a popular social networking site by Google, which especially common in Brazil and India, while MySpace, which although its shine has been surpassed by Facebook recently, remains a popular social networking service in US.

Ads may be annoying for frequent Orkut and MySpace users, and potentially slow down the page loading too. Although it may be unethical to remove and hide ads for free service that one enjoys, as it potentially hampers the ability for the free service to be continuously provided, but for users who want to remove the pesky ads from the MySpace and Orkut websites, it can be easily done with Orkut & MySpace Advertising Remover add-on for Firefox.

To use the plugin, user must use Firefox web browser. Orkut & MySpace Advertising Remover, currently at version 1.0, is an ultra-light plugin removes that advertising banner from Orkut and MySpace.

Download and install Orkut & MySpace Advertising Remover! 1.0 add-on for Firefox.