You might have stumbled onto some adult websites either by accident or intentionally. Don’t be naïve and think that by clearing the history or emptying your cache file, you can prevent your boss, your colleague, your parent, from knowing your secret. Your computer is smart enough to track all your “dirty” actions and store these evidences into your hard drive. Some smart alecks can easily detect where have you been or what you have seen on internet. They can trace your cookies, cache & history, location bar history, autocomplete memory, index.dat, temp files, etc. To get these traces removed can be a hassle. If you are using Firefox browser, there is a good helper you can use to remove traces from the websites you have visited. Get this add-on, Close and Forget, to be installed to your Firefox.

Close and Forget can be downloaded via the link here. Once you have installed this plugin, a bit of configuration need to be done to make this tool work. You need to add in a dedicated icon to the Firefox toolbars. What you need to do is just right click at any space on the toolbar and select “Personalize” command. Once you have added it in, you can start using the cleansing tool by just clicking on the button. The Close and Forget application will do the cleaning task for you. It will remove any cookies as well as Firefox history from the computer.

Read the step by step tutorial here.