dropcardPresenting business cards is one of the traditional but popular ways to introduce and promote business information about a company or an individual. A fancy and well designed business card can attract the recipients’ attention and create business opportunities. However, there are some shortcomings using this conventional format. The small cards are easy to be misplaced or dropped. Besides, the recipients tend to forgot who have given them the cards and there is no interaction after that. Instead of exchanging business cards, Dropcard has come out with an interesting idea to replace the conventional approach.

Instead of giving business cards, users can exchange their business information via Dropcard service. How does this Dropcard service work? Pretty simple. If users meet someone at a meeting or some other places, users just need to request the email address from that person instead of a namecard. Users can thence take up his phone, type a new text message and enter the email address in the body. Send the text message to 77950 and the person whom they meet will receive an email cum electronic business card containing all users’ business information, contact info, company website, IM addresses, etc.

The Dropcard is free. However, if users want to attach more information, e.g logo, files, images, etc, there is an additional premium package cost at $4.99 per month. The Dropcard service is currently available in US only. The service will be extended to other countries soon. Services like Dropcard make business communication more interactive especially in this technological age. It keeps business people on the edge and in the fray. At the same time, it helps to preserve a green environment by reducing paper usage.