iPhone display freezing? iPhone doesn’t detect by or appear in iTunes? iPhone cannot sync with iTunes on PC or Mac? Cannot make or receive calls, send or receive text messages, or access email or the web? Or worse, iPhone simply won’t turn on and does not respond to tap or button press? If the problem still persists after you have reseted the iPhone, or tried various iPhone troubleshooting, it may be worthwhile to invoke recovery mode to restore iPhone to default factory settings, the original state as when you first received and unwrapped the phone.

Restoration of iPhone to original factory defaults will likely to fix all problem, with the downside that all data and information stored on your phone will be lost. Normally iTunes will make a backup automatically when you connect and sync the iPhone with the program, however, it’s still a good recommendation to copy out and backup everything that you may need on the phone before proceed to restore the iPhone.

To restore iPhone and reset the phone to default factory settings, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off iPhone – Hold down the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until the red slider appears, then slide the red slider. Ignore this step if your iPhone is already off.
  2. Press and hold down the Home button for about 10 seconds until a yellow triangle with a text which says Please Connect to iTunes appears.

    iPhone Recovery Mode

  3. Plug the iPhone into Mac or Windows PC. Release the button if you haven’t.
  4. Run and open iTunes if it’s not already opened yet.
  5. iTunes will prompt a message that says iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. Click OK.
  6. You will be taken to the iPhone pane. Then, click on Restore.
  7. Wait for the full restoration process to complete, and the iPhone will be back to the original settings state as when it left the manufacturing factory, typically a working phone again if you face any problem, unless it’s hardware related.

There is another mode called DFU mode which does not load the iBoot, and commonly used to downgrade the firmware and restore custom IPSW. Here’s how to enter iPhone DFU mode.

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  • Djanilsa Nunes

    These are the directions in a simpler form since, no one seems to understand.
    step 1 -press the off button on the iPhone for a few seconds until the “slide to power off” slider shows.
    step 2 hold both the home button and the off button until apple’s logo appears, release the off button, but CONTINUE holding the home button. Soon after the iTunes logo and a charger will show. Which means ‘connect to iTunes.
    Hope this helps any lost souls ^-^

  • Aj

    My iphone 4S is only displaying the itunes logo and the USB cable. M a sailor, presently stuck in the middle of the ocean, thus my resources are limited. Have tried the resetting via itunes but it reaches the stage where it says “Contacting the iphone software update server” then after a minute or so it goes blank and the screen displays the “iphone recovery mode” screen again. Tried the process quite a few times – all to no avail.
    Pls Help!!

  • fred

    do i need an internet connection for this yes or no

  • peat or repete

    So i didnt bother to really read the entire page nore did i read more then one or two of the first comments. Its seams though that people are doing everything correctly…..except the part where you plug the phone in while pressing the home buttone. Do that and have itunes and your good to go. :) sooo, to whomever wrote this posting, you should maybe change that dirrection error in your say so’s. Almost glad I do this to often. Cause ide be right their starin at the sun with reverybody els.

    1. Power the phone down.
    2. open itunes wherever your going to link up to.
    3. Press the home key and plug the phone in (

  • jais

    guys pls help me..
    My iphones 3gs brightness is extrmly dim..
    What should i do.?…?:(

  • Dr. Hassan Muneeb

    iPhone and every apple product sucks big time and its time to move on to android !

    I would rather have a 3rd class Android phone than any apple product… Samsung, Nexus, all Sony and others are best and iPhone is rubbish!

    • Sir Thomas Moore

      Quite an opinionated comment Hassan. I challenge you to cite your hatred and prove your argument on why android > apple. The way you crafted your comment lends more credit to apple than android.

      • mr_duck_face_69

        android destroys apple because it has a greater infter face and internal goods androids offer you so much more than just the basics they give you freedom with android you can veiw java files and man video format where as apple users are limited joint the revolotion and get an android

  • linda

    pls I need ur help guys,my iphone is disabled I tried doing d factory reseting but when I press the home key for about 5 munite, after switching it off my phone .no prompt of connect to itunes came up,what would I do? Pls help me out

  • mark

    the please connect to itunes is not appering

  • My wife gave me her iphone 4s I want to erase all her password face book and everything she has under her name but I am keeping the same phone number what shold I do

    My wife gave me her iphone 4s I want to erase all her password face book and everything she has under her name but I am keeping the same phone number what should I do

    • Joe

      Just reset it! Resetting phones won’t change your phone number.

  • Plamen

    Hi I tried with these steps but message ERROR 1004 came.I tried to unlocked before that with snowbreeze and I think here is the problem if anybody know how to restore it without itunes or just to tell me how to pass this error I will be grateful!

  • murphy ramsay

    hi! i need help with my iphone 3g, i reset it to its original factory settings deleting all of its data but it takes an hours until now its not working. i turned it on but apple logo is just freezing? i tried to connect it to itunes but it would not detect …hope you could help me this problem…

  • Sara

    Salman – You need to plug it into your computer and sync it with iTunes.

  • Salman Ahmed

    Kindly help me out my Iphone 4 is dead how to reset it, it is just showing iTunes with usb mark below?

  • Kelly s kayode

    Pls help me I can t update my app is rejecting my master card

    • VictoriaAnn Allen

      II can no t remember all the ID, passwords &fused anew on this IPod in order to set up just one I’d password & username for all apps

  • ralph

    hi! i need help with my iphone 3g, i reset it to its original factory settings deleting all of its data but it takes an hours until now its not working. i turned it on but apple logo is just freezing? i tried to connect it to itunes but it would not detect …hope you could help me this problem….

  • Sasha

    These directions suck >_<

  • Katrina

    People!!! I need your help! It seems pretty explanatory what to do but when I shut off my I phone and press Home Button so it would prompt me to connect to I tunes, nothing is happening. can you help? What should I do?

  • xen

    I updated my iph 2g and it says sim card inserted to this iphone dosnot support.i want to bring my iphone in previous state.what should i do?please help me

  • Prasanth

    Could anybody please help? I reset the iphone 3GS, now the whole system is stuck. Only showing the apple symbol. Looking for your reply. Please mail me at mam@amritapuri.org.

  • gan


  • skr komail

    my iphone 3G is very slow so i want to reset factory settings it requard password i need to know the code please send for me thanks…

  • Bradley

    I Have a Iphone 3GS and it's Jailbroken,but its slow so i want to reset all the settings so i did and now its just on the Loading mode in reset, WHAT DO I DO ???

  • Michael

    My phone has 4.3.5 yet i cant seem to reset the firmware…anyone else having this issue?

  • zulu

    thanh u so much worked great

  • Dan

    So my iPhone 3G was already unlock and, if i can recall, had the firmware 3.X (3.something) My sim(not atnt) was working fine on there. I could make calls and text etc. I accidentally updated it to firmware 4.3.3. Now I can't use my SIM anymore. I can't make calls or text. I've been looking around on youtube and other various sites to try and find out how to downgrade/restore it back to 3.X. There are so many methods out there for different versions and I just don't know what to do. Please, if anyone can help me in any way then feel free to do so. Once again, please try and help me. Thanks.

  • Gregg

    Just got an unlocked and jailbroken iphone 4 but does not read any of the sim cards I have tried to use. Should I try to restore factory settings?

  • Edwardo

    Ok so i had jailbroken my ipod 4th generation a month ago 8 gig and my sister got the 32gig ipod 4th gen also. i put reset settings and erase all data to it but it hasnt worked. it stood in the jailbroken apple sign and it just went black. it is not loading anything up. Help me im trying to put the ipod back to its factory settings back to how it came in the box. HELP ME ASAP!

  • Muneeb


    I just got a 2g iphone. I attempted to clear its data and restore it to it factory settings. Unfortunately, after several hours, I have only the pineapple, which blinks from time to time. I have tried to turn it off, as well as hold the power button and the main button at the bottom of its screen, but nothing happens. I also tried to plug it into my iTunes, but the iTunes did not recognize it.

    Can you help me?

  • mike


    you have to enter DFU mode (which results in getting to the screen with the usb cable and the itunes logo)

    at this point, itunes should say that you have a device that needs to be restored.

    then, you can restore using a custom IPSW that you create through something like pwnagetool.

    to get to DFU mode, get your phone to power off, then

    hold the home and power buttons down for 10 seconds, then let go of the power button and continue to hold the home button until the usb&itunes logo appears. at this point, itunes should recognize your phone as one that needs to be restored.

    • sam

      i have the same problem i tried to do that but it just has the apple logo even though the iphone 4 is jailbroken plz help

  • Paul


    I just got a jailbroken iPhone 3g. I attempted to clear its data and restore it to it factory settings. Unfortunately, after several hours, I have only the pineapple, which blinks from time to time. I have tried to turn it off, as well as hold the power button and the main button at the bottom of its screen, but nothing happens. I also tried to plug it into my iTunes, but the iTunes did not recognize it.

    Can you help me?

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  • Mark

    Thank you soooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! much i searched the web for 3 hourse and i found it YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS

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  • David Smithers

    Thanks for your help my Iphone 3g had 3.1 firm ware on it and run fine ,i jail broke it but did not use the function much then I upgraded my phone to 4.1 ran slow and crashed restored it back now dont thik I will bother with the upgrade again !

  • Rd

    i have done every step! i have even went into msconfig, and no joy restoring back to factory setting.. all i get is a USB cord and the itunes icon!! but no connection to itunes or devices showing the iphone as being connected! … what other options do i have to restore my phone?


  • mae

    hello…my problem is that my iphone 2g was freeze and then from itunes i restored it and it started but when my iphone started it and i have open it by dragging my finger, iphone is only showing drag to emergency call..and when again i connect to itunes to fix the data..it says " your sim card cannot support this iphone" how do i get it back to normal???,,please help….email me at dazzacin_sai04@yahoo.com.ph…asap tnx

  • 8huiteio

    It did't show the sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sal

    if i reset factory settings will it cancel my unlocked iphone

  • millzy

    a easy way to do is to turn iphone on then connect to itunes when it comes up with the message saying iphone is blocked press and hold the sleep/power button and home at the same time until iphone restarts then release the sleep button while holding home iphone should come up with connect to itunes go to itunes and follow prompts it worked for me iam doing mine right now

  • Bob Wright

    My Jailbroken iPhone 2G was upgraded and since has locked up.

    When I switch on a figure of a man with a speech bubble (in Cyrillc) saying MPEBEA.

    If I hold down the sleep and start buttons it clears. If I then press the sleep button a picture of a pineapple with a bite out of it appears, then it returns to the man.

    Neither ITunes or my computer recognise it when connected.

    Any help most appreciated

    • Lezor

      Bob, have you find a solutiion?

      I have been looking for this solution the afternoon, I'm already get tired of this dude on the screen of my iphone. Please let me know!!!!

      • Keycee

        -hold the home and power buttons down for 10 seconds, then let go of the power button and continue to hold the home button until the usb & itunes logo appears. at this point, itunes should recognize your phone as one that needs to be restored.-

        I got this idea from mike… it really helped… it takes more than a minute in continuing to hold the home button until the usb & itunes logo appeared… :)

        • Sara

          So, I timed this to see how long it actually takes.
          I held the power AND home button down 10 seconds, and was about to give up hope.. but at the 2 minute mark the itunes logo and the cord with arrow (plug into itunes) came up. FINALLY! I finally got it to work! I am restoring it now! we will see if restoring it helps.. it is also getting an update.

          I realize that this thread is old, but since I was looking for how to fix this, someone else might be too!

  • dwyane wade

    took a break from an orgy party with lebron and bosh to thank you

  • lebron james

    thx this site is really helpful, now i can go continue my orgy party w wade & bosh

  • Joel


    We got the same problem that we facing now ):

  • Joel

    Hey guys . I did the 2nd step but it did'nt show the sign . Please help ! j0el-x@hotmail.com

  • HI guy

    I was forgot password restore from backup iphone

    Could you get us helped me through of my email

    I need urgent assistance

    Thank you very much and appreciation


  • HI guy

    I was forgot password restore from backup iphone

    Could you get us helped me through of my email

    I need urgent assistance

    Thank you very much and appreciation



    i pressed and hold the home button but nothing appeared

  • amstro

    I do not think there is a way to restore to factory settings.Because apple will always update to the latest version of iphone operating system. For now IOS 4.0. So if you were on 3.1.3 when u bought your iphone you will now be on 4.0 after restoring.

  • Tom

    Hi my problem is I just bought a jailbroken iphone 3gs running 3.1.3. I upgraded to 4 and now I can't use it. Can someone help me to unlock it so it will work on 3 again please!

  • greg terzis

    For all the people who are confused, you hold down the Lock/Wake button as well as the home button,hold it until the power slide thing shows up but keep holding it until it looks like it turns off than come back on (when the apple symbol shows up) release the Lock/Wake button but still hold the home button. then it will have a picture of a iphone plug pointing to itunes meaning connect to itunes the go from step 4.

  • Mike

    I just created an email account with iphone, sent a very important email, forgot to write the password down, and now I find that iphone.net does not have a place to retrieve passwords. BULLSHIT!

    I will definitely tell everyone I can not to go with this fucking site. IDIOTS

  • hello!!ma problem is that i=ma iphone 8gb was freeze and thn frm itunes i restord it and it stared bt wn ma iphone started it and i hv to open it by draging a finger on ;>bt mt iphone is onli showing drag to emergency call

    and when i again coonect it to itunes to fix da proble it says ur sim card cannot support this iphone bt beforre freeze it supported ittt?so0o0o0o hw duuu i get access plzzzz trellll me i m in dead or alive situation

  • Pazuzu

    It's amazing how some idiot can screw this information up. He writes a simple numbered list but gets it totally wrong.


    *goes to next site*

  • Charles

    hey everyone, i lost my ipod for two days, and when i finally found it, it was somehow disabled for 21 000 000 minutes! does anyone know how this happens, or if it is physically possible for someone to do so in 2 days?

  • Gareth

    Holding home when connecting to itunes worked for me too.


  • JS


    This was it:

    1. Make sure that your IPhone is connected to the computer using USB 2.0 port and internet.
    2. Run iTunes program as a utility for restoring it. If you don’t have any ITunes program, download it from the Apple website at http://www.apple.com/itunes/download.
    3. Press Home and Power (sleep/wake button) buttons of your IPhone for 10 seconds. Once the screen is off and an Apple logo appears, release Prower button and continue pressing Home button while Apple icon appears until it shows a message “Connect to iTunes”. Then your IPhone is now ready for recovery.
    4. Close iTunes and restart it again and the IPhone Icon in the ITunes program will appear at the left side menu.
    5. Click the IPhone Icon and a menu will appear to restore it.
    6. Click Restore and a downloading task will appear (it will download all the files around 162MB for the recovery from Apple server). Once the downloading is done, it will automatically restore all the IPhone base applications and your IPhone is ready for use.

    the missing step was turning the phone off through hard reset, while the phone is plugged in – but letting go of ONLY the power button, and keeping the home button held down. Then, after a couple seconds the phone goes into recovery mode.

    Hope this helps!

  • Mavra

    Step 1.

    First thing to check is to make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your Mac or Windows PC.

    Step 2.

    Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC.

    Step 3.

    When your phone is detected, select it in iTunes under the list of devices. If your iPhone is not responsive and iTunes does not detect it we must put your phone in DFU mode. While it is connected, simply hold down the home and power button together for about 10 seconds, then release the power button while continuing to hold the home button. A few seconds later iTunes should detect your iPhone,

    Step 4.

    Select the “Summary” tab.

    Step 5.

    Select the “Restore” option.

    Step 6.

    You will now be prompted with a screen that asks if you wish to back up your iPhone before restoring.

  • alicia

    had a little problem with resetting. I thought my iphone 3g phone froze when I was resetting (well I wasn’t sure) so I powered it off and now when ever I turn it on it shows the apple logo and later it turns black. help!!!

  • Peter

    Holding home when connecting to itunes did the trick.

  • sunnyman

    To restore on itunes you need to hold down the home button while connecting the USB plug.

  • Lucrishia

    I got my daughter a 2nd generation ipod touch for Christmas and she has forgotten her passcode. Does ANYONE know what to do to get it restored and unlocked? We have tried the restore option on itunes and it seems to not be working. Please someone help me…babygirlto8ball@aol.com Thanks!!!

  • Darren

    My problem is that, when i hold the home button for 10 seconds or longer i dont get that 'please connect to icons' message and/or icon.

    Any suggestions?


  • Zairin


    My issue is, i have made the mistake of installing a 3rd party apps on my jailbroken 3.1.2 phone.. Which i can't remember which app that crashed my phone now.

    Warning popped up saying the Springboard has crashed and prompted me to disable it or reboot,which I did both over and over again…

    Kept on starting in Safe mode, played around with it untill i decided to reset it to factory settings.. Now im stucked on the apple logo on screen! Can't switch if of either!

    Please help me…..


  • Ben

    I have and iPhone 3g and I had it jailbroken for a little while but then I restored it to factory setting and it was fine. Eventually I wanted to update to the new Firmware 3.0.1 but somehow it messed up and gives me Error 13. which I'm pretty sure Ive checked those steps that are in the apple help section. It was bricked and said please connect to iTunes. I was able to jailbreak it again with redsnow and install the previous firmware and so now its working again but my problem is after trying to restore it again on the same and different computers and with different usb cables I still get error 13 and cant get it to restore to the original factory settings. ANY help will be greatly appreciated.

  • ScoobyDoo

    this works.

    I opened itunes, and then started my iphone and held down the [home] key for about 2 minutes and then that window came up and i just restored.

    i had troubles a few times, but got it.

    but phone still acting a little weird.

    so i think i might have to exchange it anyways.

    but i did save this site.

    thanks for the info and help


  • Lunarhead

    had a little problem with resetting. I thought my iphone 3g phone froze when I was resetting (well I wasn't sure) so I powered it off and now when ever I turn it on it shows the apple logo and later it turns black. help!!!

  • Brendan

    I have a jailbroken ipod touch and I tried to reset it because the settings page wouldn't load and now whenever i try to turn it on the apple lights up and won't go away. Any suggestions?

  • Aaron voss

    Hi, my iPhone NEEDS a factory reset really bad but if I do, will it go back to the stage where it tells me to connect to iTunes. The phone is on my uncles plan and I would have to send him my phone to get it reactivated. If so, is there anything else I can do to stop from shutting down after it falls asleep?

  • mikita

    One tip of advice: Before you start this procedure, you need to connect you device to computer via usb cable.

  • Aki

    Hey guys,

    I have a jailbroken phone and tried to install java for iphone. My phone hang out, so I tried to restart it with no luck. I also tried to hard reset it, no luck. I also tried to start it in recovery mode, guess what? :) So, please, help me out! Any ideas are more than welcome!

    Thanks in advance,

    – Eugene.

  • Hologramm

    hey.. i need your help… PLEASE!!!

    i´ve got an iphone with broken power button and i need to get it into restore mode… ana suggestions

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  • jay

    so i have a jail broken iphone. i need to reset the phone because it has viruses but the jail break in the software has changed my phone to where all these restore procedures dont work for my phone. is there any other way i can reset the phone or open it to reset the software. i also have broken iphones is there anyway i can switch the hard drives so i dont have to deal with this problem. thanks

  • Naveen

    I get the message restore and upgrade, not just upgrade, and I am already using itune 8.2

    any suggestions ?

  • warren

    i had the frozen pineapple as well! follow berrys directions turn off, hold down home, plug in usb, then open itunes, it will prompt the restore! Thanks berry!

  • Neda

    Okay, i dont know if im just a ditz or this is just stuffed. I have the phone off, press the home button as i plug in the usb. Now i get the USB thing pop up, but nothing about connecting to iTunes. I even did the whole, hold the home button whilst i load iTunes but still nothing. I know the iPhone is getting picked up cause i get stupid AutoPlay. Maybe its cause im using Windows?

  • Kent

    Hello! My iPhone has completly fucked up. When i do as supposed above i get the "connect to iTunes", iTunes discover the phone wnd when I click "reset" it says that it will do a complete reset and INSTALL THE LATEST IHPNE SOFTWARE!!! But I dont want the 2.2.1 modem firmware!! Will it download 2.2.1 and update??

  • Berry

    I'm a total novice to Apple products and I had no trouble. This is what I did:

    1. Power off the iPhone. Attach the USB cable to the phone.

    2. Hold down the Home button and plug the USB cable into the computer, keep pressing HOME while you start iTunes.

    3. When the iPhone screen shows a USB cable, you can let go of the Home button.

    4. iTunes guides you through the rest. I chose to restore to a prior configuration, not to set up as a new iPhone. This allowed me to reload the apps, contacts, etc. that were previously synced. It did not restore the jailbreak software, which was exactly my purpose.

    I had a jailbroken phone that started freezing up and couldn't read the database for my Cydia & Installer apps. Accordingly, I restored the phone to factory settings. I lost those apps, but I can jailbreak again if needed.

  • chicken

    i tried to quickpwn my iphone and now all i have is the pineapple icon and nothing else happen.

  • Hi everybody, this problem was happened to me today and I return the Iphone back to normal by followng these step.

    1- You must have restored copy in your pc or try to find it from your friend.

    2-Hold down the Sleep/Wake button with home button for a few seconds until you see USB pluging is requiest.

    3- Conntect it to Itune apple software, then press the restore and wait, till completed then the system will back to the stored version with a new update.

    I hope this will help.

    Good luck

  • tim

    restoring phone — you must hold down the home button while connecting the usb cable to computer to get the pop-up message. just holding button will not do anything.

  • daniel87

    i have reset my iphone now it stay in standby mode all the day it dont like to enter the system

  • toni

    does this erase everything? i mean. if have jailbroken my iphone, and don't want it to be jailbroken anymore. will this do that?

    thank you!

  • Hola Pues Yo Quise Ponerle La Nueva Vercion2.0 Al iPhone Clasico Pero Cuando Lo Pongo Desde El iTunes Se Keda En La Pantalla Cuando Resien Lo Compre

    ¿Como Le Hago Para Desbloquearlo?

  • Hi all

    heres the issue, i have made the mistake of installing a 3rd party app on my jailbroken 1.1.4 phone, that would have got me access to sms, emails, weither, on the "SLIDE TO UNLOCK" screen…

    installation warned me that if a conflicted with an other instalation occurs just unistall the app, also asked me to rebooth my phone wich I did…

    sadness was my 1st feeling when I witness my phone not boothing, stuckd on the (BEEP) apple logo, played around with it, did every forum on the net, I realy did it all…

    and now my phone is constantly on restore mode.

    now with the gun in my left hand and one bullet in the left, im looking at my phone, trying not to flinch…

    thx in advance,



  • Umar Farooq

    yeah pankaj kumar n zimm i have the same problem and i cant get the yellow triangle to come up, whenever i connect to itunes it comes up with either "invalid response received from device" or the "pair recordings" are missing or something like that. Whenever i hold the home button for 10 seconds nothing happens and when i turn it on the circle rotates and then freezes and then the iphone stays at that screen until it gets low battery and when i charge it the same thing happens so technically i can't even turn off my iphone if you fixed it please tell me and if anyone else knows how to fix it please reply. Thank you.

  • Pankaj Kumar

    Hey Zimm.

    Even I have exactly the same problem. Did you fix your problem. Please tell me how. Thanks.

  • Zimm

    root folder f*cked up… what should I do?

    I think I'm in deep sh!t… one of those famous Boss Tools left a shorcut of the folder "var" in the root directory (instead of leaving the folder there as it should).

    Now, when I try to turn on my ipod, it keeps on showing me the silver apple and the circle that represents the "working" icon for ever. The only thing I got to discover is that the ipod is creating a new "var" folder with the needed files to sync with itunes (because when I plug it in, itunes says that it cannot connect to the ipod because there is a link file missing)

    I think I know which file is missing but cannot replace it if the ipod is working. And the ipod itself doesn’t replace it.

    Is there any method to edit those files so it wont prompt the typical "Failure" message that appears for trying to replace a file that is being used? Or in other words: edit files while ipod tuner off?

    BTW… the backup file of the "var" shortcut was corrupted so there is no way back to the older config

    zimm_069@hotmail.com if anybody could help me plzzzzzzzz!!

    sorry for any grammar/spelling mistake. English is not my first language.

  • Eye Fone

    The trick that is mentioned here on this site did not work for me either.

    I had the following problem: I had an iphone that a few weeks ago I had backed up with itunes, but then I wanted to restore it back to that particular backup. The problem seems to be that whenever you attach your iphone to itunes, it does a sync which then will overwrite the backup that is on the computer. I didn't want to connect the iphone to my computer as that would destroy the backup that I wanted. So what I did was to connect the iphone to another computer with itunes, and via itunes click on "restore" which re-downloaded version 1.1.4 of the iphone software, and re-installed it on the iphone. That process took about 10 minutes. Right when the iphone is rebooting, however, and while itunes does not show that any iphone is connected, I disconnected the iphone from that second computer. The reason I did this is that if I let the iphone continue along, itunes would have restored whatever was on that second computer (as I mentioned above, I wanted what was stored on the first computer to be restored on the iphone). I then connected the new pure factory-reset iphone over to the first computer, the one that had the backup that I wanted, connected it, and itunes saw it as a new iphone and asked if I wanted to set it up as a new iphone or if I wanted to restore the backup that I wanted. I chose the latter option of course, and it restored it perfectly. I hope this helps someone out there.

    BTW, I heard from a friend that this trick also works if you have a jailbroken iphone and you want to get it restored to a jailfixed configuration, as long as the backup you have of the iphone is before the jailbroken state of the phone.

  • jeremy

    I got a problem I can't get the iphone off…the sleep/off button doesn't work so how do I get to turn this iphone of???

    I tried to empty the battery but it doesn't work cause it just goes in a sleep mode untill I plug it back in…

    Could somebody help???

    iPhone is 1.1.3 04.03.13_G 8gig US version


  • zephyr

    always perform the upgrade / downgrade without a USB hub!!!

    i got errors from itunes untill i changed the USB port to the back of my PC.

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