Blu-Ray Disc (BD) or BD-ROM AV video discs also feature Regional Playback Control (RPC) which more commonly known as region code first introduced in DVD video discs. However, the region codes for Blu-ray discs are different from DVD’s, where BD region code groups countries into three geographic areas only. BD-ROM AV (HDMV/BD-J) discs can be authored to play in one, multiple or all regions (region-free), but Consumer electronics (CE) players players are region-specific. When a BD disc is inserted into Blu-ray player, a checking program on disc will compare its own RPC details to those encoded in the player and stops operation if both do not match.

However, on computers, these region locking mechanism works differently. The Blu-ray supported playback software manages that region code in computer instead of the BD drive. In CyberLink PowerDVD program, users can set or change the region code up to 5 times after initial configuration, and then the application will be locked on the region you have listed on your fifth and last change.

Blu-ray Region Codes

Region A/1 – North America, Central America, South America, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia
Region B/2 – Europe (EU), Africa, Middle East, New Zealand, Australia
Region C/3 – China, India, Russia, Rest of the world

So to continue playing and watching your favorite movies in CyberLink PowerDVD regardless of what region code the BD discs have, there is a hack that can reset and crack the Blu-ray region information in PowerDVD.

Trick to hack BD region code in Windows XP

After installing PowerDVD, the program will initiate the default value of Region A and 5 remaining changes, and there is not settings in the registry. When region code changed, PowerDVD stores rgion information at this registry key in Windows XP:

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{631400EE-60DF-4014-8A01-67106E57BDA8}] @=dword:00000002

The value can be 1 for Region A, 2 for Region B, 4 for Region C.

There is another registry key that stores the number of remaining changes to region code allowed:

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{9CB23675-4229-4630-AFF6-3668BA6AF33E}] @=dword:00000004

Every time you change region in PowerDVD, this number is decremented by 1.

Thus, to hack PowerDVD region code control in Windows Vista, you can either change the region code directly from the registry, or the value of remaining times left allowed to change region code can be set sky high (such as 65,536 times) so that you can change the region code without limitation.

You can use a registry export file to automate the process. Download the archive file with BDregionA.reg (to set to region A), BDregionB.reg (to set to region B), BDregionC.reg (to set to Region C) and BDregionNoLimit.reg (to set number of times left for region change to FFFF or 64k times).

Hack to crack PowerDVD Blu-ray region code in Windows Vista

Region code information for PowerDVD is stored as Alternate Data Stream (ADS) hidden metadata attached to the file “CLDShowX.ini” located in “C:\ProgramData\CyberLink\PowerDVD\” folder. To reset the region code change remaining, simply delete the “CLDShowX.ini” file. When the PowerDVD runs again after the deletion, the default settings will be used.